WWE 2K17: 15 Dream Matches You Need To See

They're finally happening.

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What a time to be a wrestling fan. 2016 sure is shaping up to be the most bizarre year in sports entertainment in quite some time, and among the more pleasant revelations is the fact that WWE 2K17 is a substantial step up from the last few years' games in a number of ways both fundamental and complex.

One of the great pleasures of playing a WWE game is the wish fulfillment aspect, and with 2K17 touting an absolutely gigantic, diverse roster, there are more exciting and insane possibilities than ever before.

Those wrestlers who never quite crossed paths years ago or were unable to (perhaps due to one no longer being among us) can be played out in the series' most lavish, up-to-date visuals yet.

From dream matches that fans remain desperate to see happen, to those that can only ever be "what if" day-dreams, here are 15 WWE 2K17 dream matches you need to see...

15. Extreme Rules: Mankind Vs. Cactus Jack. Vs. Dude Love

2K Sports

In many ways this is a dream match like no other, because while many of the matches on this list could have theoretically (or even still can) take place, there's no physical way for Mick Foley to fight two other versions of himself.

Seeing which personality would prevail out of the "Three Faces of Foley" is a terrific hypothetical that WWE2K17 actually allows us to answer. Will it be Foley's most iconic alter ego, Mankind, his old school hardcore icon Cactus Jack, or his short-lived, fun-loving Dude Love?

And more importantly, why doesn't the game also feature Mick Foley as a fourth character, so he can be thrown in the mix too?

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