WWE 2K18: 10 Best New CAWs You Need To See

Hot Ronda! She's here!

Rusev WWE 2K18
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The Community Creations market in WWE 2K18 is brimming with new content every day. Granted, a lot of the CAWs put up there are low-quality wannabes players have come up with themselves, but it's not all generic. Dig deep enough (paying attention to the "new" tab on the search screen is advised) and you'll stumble across some serious goodness.

Don't be tempted to punch "WWE" into the search bar and settle for whatever comes up first either. The same goes for looking at the most downloaded; it's only by taking the time to scroll down the list that players will be exposed to Community Creations real treasure trove.

Why not try throwing in some more inspired search terms like "UK", "NXT" or "Legends" to see what the system comes up with instead? Yes, most of the results will still be bargain-bin quality, but again, sifting through all that is worth it once you clap eyes on that perfect CAW you never knew existed.

God bless the people who put so much effort in...

10. "Lord" Steven Regal

Steven Regal WWE 2K18
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Creator: lordchickenlegs

Downloads: 971

Only lordchickenlegs themselves can comment on whether or not they're making a observation about "Lord" Steven Regal's limbs with that username.

This is hardly a picture-perfect recreation of Regal's time in WCW, but it's a damn sight better than settling for nothing at all. Even if 2K did include their own playable version of the NXT GM (no excuses, developers), it still wouldn't be as much fun to use all those old WCW arenas you've been hoarding from Community Creations by playing with his modern-day look.

Bump up chickenleg's download score from 971 by grabbing this one as soon as possible. Much like Regal during the 90s, the CAW itself is solid and doesn't come with many frills. That's a good thing, not a negative, and it's notable that the creator has captured Regal's poise and snooty demeanour.

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