WWE 2K18: 10 Biggest Roster Omissions

10. Elias


Elias is one of the rising stars on RAW today. After a less than fruitful stint in NXT where it's fair to say he had that modicum of 'go away heat' due to the way he was booked, The Drifter is starting to turn things around on Monday Nights. His musical performances in the ring are quirky, and while they're absolutely 'basic bitch' in terms of their content generating boos from the town the red brand is emanating from, he's getting better and better each week which in turn is generating more and more cheers from the WWE Universe. Elias could be a big player on RAW during the life span of 2K18.

However, despite making his main roster bow eight days after WrestleMania XXXIII he hasn't made the basic roster for 2K18. This is surprising because of all the times WWE move Superstars from NXT to the main roster, you would think those transferred in the immediate aftermath of Mania would be the most calculated. This is the time fans expect to see new faces on our screens so surely the company will take time to make sure they're the right ones?

Presumably, then, Elias wasn't around in the build up to Mania in order to get a scan done indicating that his call up might have been on the spur of the moment...

There's always the chance that Elias could be in a DLC, of course, but considering he's on television every week it's shocking to see his name missing from the get-go.

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