WWE 2K18: 10 Forgotten Things You Can Still Do

1. Download Alternate Attires For Superstars

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A major problem with WWE games in the past was that they'd feel outdated quickly. Take a look at the latest episode of Raw and you'll see Seth Rollins in his Shield attire rather than his 'Burn It Down' t-shirt or individual outfit, for example. Thankfully, 2K included the option to keep on top of all these wardrobe changes.

Via Community Creations, you can download alternate attires for every superstar in the game. So, if John Cena suddenly makes a comeback and starts wearing white jean shorts or something, you won't be out of touch with his latest attire. This is a feature so many gamers are likely to overlook from the off.

Within minutes, Cesaro and Sheamus can be wearing matching ring jackets, Sasha Banks can sport her Owen Hart-inspired ring gear and even Kalisto's mask can be the right colour. All you need to do is download these outfits with the attached CAWs, then edit the actual superstar's outfit to match.


What returning features are you enjoying most in WWE 2K18? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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