WWE 2K18: 10 Leading Contenders To Be Cover Star

The face that could run the virtual place...


There are a number of milestones that every single member of the WWE Universe dreams of when they're a child. First of all, there's that pipe dream of actually making it to WWE and becoming a world champion. Second of all, it's a tie between having your own action figure and making it in a WWE video game. While most of us don't follow through with those childhood aspirations, a special group of athletes do and reap the rewards from all that comes with being a bonafide worldwide star. While being on the cover of the company's franchise video game may not be a big deal to those who work for the company from an egotistical point of view, it's certainly a big deal to those within WWE's gaming universe who will be parting with their hard-earned cash to purchase the game.

Presumably, the chosen cover star has an effect on sales as WWE consistently choose a babyface to front their games. From Stone Cold Steve Austin, to CM Punk, to Brock Lesnar only the most popular Superstars are picked. I suppose it makes sense, although you can't help but feel sorry for the heels who miss out on another revenue stream due to the way they are cast on television.

Here are the 10 leading contenders to be the cover star when WWE 2K18 hits the shelves in the autumn...

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