WWE 2K18: 10 Legends Who Must Be Included

Never mind playing (as) the game, Hulk still rules...

WWE 2K18 Kurt Angle
2K Sports & WWE.com

Kurt Angle has been atop WWE video game wish lists for several years now. It appears gamers will finally see that wish come true when 2K18 hits stores, because the current Raw GM is a shoe-in to finally make his return to digital form.

The same can be said of The Hardy Boyz. Both Matt and Jeff recently bounced back onto TV and should be in 2K18. But what about all those other legends we have no guarantee of playing as come October/November of this year?

It's time for 2K Sports to make the ultimate WWE experience. The developers have had a fair few years with the current consoles to perfect all the other facets of the game, so now fans demand the biggest roster in wrestling video game history (not that the rest was perfect, mind).

In order for that to happen, 2K must look at this year's WWE Hall Of Fame, last year's roster, and beyond, if they're to bust out the big guns people have been crying out for.


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