WWE 2K18: 10 Legends Who Must Be Included

10. Papa Shango

Papa Shango

Both of Charles Wright's top gimmicks were included as DLC in WWE 2K17. Whilst it was fun to download The Godfather and run around as the Attitude Era favourite, it felt way cooler to play as Wright's Papa Shango character.

DLC be damned, 2K, we want Shango as an on-disc character in 2K18. Maybe then people can give the witch doctor more respect than he was given back in the early-1990s by matching him up against other supernatural characters like The Undertaker, Kane, or even Bray Wyatt.

Shango would be perfect to use against Wyatt. Imagine setting up a feud between both men in Universe Mode, or even putting them together as a tag-team? 2K18 needs some voodoo magic from one of WWE's most under-rated gimmicks to date.

The Godfather would be a cool addition too, but Papa Shango needs more love.


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