WWE 2K18: 10 Most Realistic TNA CAWs

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WWE 2K18 Abyss
2K Games

In recent years, TNA/Impact Wrestling has gone from being a genuine alternative for fans looking outside WWE to something of a laughing stock. Look at the Community Creations tab on WWE 2K18 however and it's clear that people still dig the actual wrestlers. Forget what Impact has become as a promotion, because some of its stars are still awesome.

More folks need to be downloading and playing as Impact stars, because some of the models gamers have created are close-to-perfect. Sure, there are inaccuracies, but remember these are the labours of fans using a limited editing suite, not the output of paid professionals. Thanks to them, we can see what it'd be like if Moose came to NXT or Bobby Lashley made his grand return to WWE.

The lack of an actual TNA game makes these uploads all the more essential. There are loads of choices out there though, so which ones should you dedicate precious hard drive space to? For the love of God, 2K, do us all a favour already and increase that 20 download per day limit so we can have everyone...


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