WWE 2K18: 10 Most Wanted New Features

A story mode to rival Here Comes The Pain is long overdue...


2K tried some different things with WWE 2K17, and it's hard to claim the game didn't improve on 2K16 in some areas. For example, multi-man matches were improved by a more realistic 'roll out' feature, taking away the constant frustration players felt when opponents could magically spring up from finishing moves to break up a pin late in the match.

As good an addition as that was though, it's also true that 2K17 removed some winning ideas. Several match types were stripped from the game completely, and the cherished 2K Showcase mode was unfortunately also absent.

For WWE 2K18, the developers need to knuckle down and really focus on making this the best pro wrestling game ever; 2K have had since 2K15 to work with the current generation of consoles, so there's really no reason why the next installment shouldn't be the ultimate wrestling video game.

Scanning forums and social media makes it clear fans are demanding a lot from 2K18, so here are 10 of the most wanted new features, alongside some old favourites just begging for a reprise...


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