WWE 2K18: 10 Potential Game Modes It Must Have

Will 2K revert to the formula of old?


After seemingly settling on a formula that would become a stalwart in the company's video games for years to come, the release of WWE 2K17 proved the powers that be haven't quite worked out what the makeup of WWE games should be.

With 2K14 focussing on The Undertaker's streak, 2K15 centering around a number of feuds including Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels from 2002-2004, and 2K16 running through the entire career of Stone Cold Steve Austin, a featured game mode about a Superstar or two looked like being the main selling point of WWE video games for as long as the relationship with 2K was there. The announcement that Brock Lesnar would be cover star initially seemed to indicate that The Beast's massive foot would fit the proverbial 2K glass slipper and become the focus of the new title's featured game mode. However, this wasn't to be.

2K17 saw the developers make the conscious decision to scrap the featured game mode and focus on developing existing features that will be a constant in titles to come. The majority of the work went into MyCareer mode with a new promo engine allowing players to dictate the path of their Superstar's career like never before. It remains to be seen if WWE and 2K will pick another crucial area to restore to former glories when 2K18 hits the shelves in the autumn, but if they don't here are 10 potential featured game modes they must consider.

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