WWE 2K18: 10 Superstars Who Could Make Their Franchise Debut

Who are the potential debutants in a WWE/2K video game?


Arguably the standout feature of WWE video games since the relationship with 2K started back in 2013 has been the increasing amount of Superstars jam-packed into the roster year-on-year.

Once all the DLCs are accounted for there have been over 170 Superstars in both 2Ks '17 and '18 which has undoubtedly defied all expectations. And it's not as if the powers that be on 2K's development team have taken any shortcuts while compiling these bumper numbers. Each playable character has their own unique attire, entrance, and in most cases moveset to ensure they're as close to the real life version as possible.

Attentions have already turned to the crop of Superstars who could possibly be making their WWE/2K franchise debut later this year. Things like contracts with other companies prevents some of our favourite stars from appearing in WWE's marquee game, but with the proverbial Superstar Shakeup reaching further than just RAW and SmackDown there are a plethora of new names that could make the cut. Seemingly, it's just down to timing whether certain names will be a part of WWE's virtual universe with scannings for the new games traditionally taking place around WrestleMania season. And since we've just left said season, here are 10 Superstars who could make their WWE/2K franchise debut when WWE 2K18 hits the shelves in the autumn...

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