WWE 2K18: 7 Improvements You Need To Know

8-bit mode is a love letter to old-school gamers...

WWE 2K18 Roode
2K Games

We already know that 2K Games spent a lot of time upgrading the lighting in WWE 2K18. Just look at all the gorgeous screenshots out there of John Cena, Seth Rollins and even Bobby Roode. Fittingly, SmackDown's newest man looks rather 'Glorious', and it's all thanks to 2K's attention to detail and determination to make the video game look true-to-life.

Presentation has always been been at the heart of WWE games, but so has customisation. This year, the developers have made sure to improve the creation suite and MyPlayer options to offer more content than ever before to series fans. That's a good thing too, because 2K18 must be a winner otherwise folks will be calling for a complete overhaul of WWE video games going forward.

Whilst it doesn't look like 2K18 will reinvent the wheel, it does offer up key improvements over last year's game. If you're the kind of player who likes to dive deep and doesn't restrict WWE 2K sessions to a quick online match or a Hell In A Cell bout every so often, then you're in for a real treat...

7. MyCareer's Freedom Of Choice

WWE 2K18 MyCareer
2K Games

Ignore the fact that 2K's own created wrestler looks like a cross between Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker and Bob Backlund, because the real excitement should come from all that freedom of choice the developers are dangling in front of our faces. Remember those free-roam sections in the old 'Road To WrestleMania' modes? It looks like they're making a comeback.

Face-to-face conversations played a part in WWE 2K17's MyCareer mode, but then those pesky menus had to get in the way. Those have been eliminated this year, meaning you will have the freedom to choose who you speak to and when. This should open up new scenarios for your character, and you can even live the life of a real WWE wrestler by viewing the match card on a whiteboard before the show.

Although much of this will be superficial, it is nice to see 2K adding more open-world elements to the core story mode. One clip showed Triple H warning the created star to stay out of his way or feel his wrath, which is promising. Annoy 'The Game' enough and maybe your punishment will become part of the story.


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