WWE 2K18 Behind The Scenes Trailer Released

A closer look at the upcoming game's dramatic reveal.

WWE 2K18 Undertaker Fire
2K Games

One week removed from Seth Rollins' unveiling as WWE 2K18's cover star, WWE have released a behind the scenes glimpse into how the initial reveal trailer was created.

The original video saw Seth break into a warehouse full of historic wrestling artefacts, which he then trashed with various implements of destruction. The new footage shows how these set pieces were created, along with Rollins' thoughts on making the cover.

Rollins will feature at the heart of the game's worldwide marketing campaign, which focuses on the slogan "be like no one." According to the developers, this means "celebrating the individual aspects that make all of today's superstars completely unique." Players are invited to explore Seth's identity, as well as those of his roster-mates, while learning more about the upcoming game.

The full video can be viewed below:-

2K18 is currently set for worldwide release on October 17, 2017. 2K Games released a host of pre-order details last week, revealing that those who buy the game now will not only receive access to special bonus content, but buyers of the Deluxe and Collector's editions will be allowed to install it ahead of schedule, and play four days before the release date.

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