WWE 2K18: Everything Revealed So Far

Is Angle vs Rollins coming?

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Later this year, WWE 2K18 will become the latest addition to the sprawling, lucrative wrestling game franchise built by WWE and 2K Games, which is an increasingly important part of the company's financial performance towards the tail end of the year.

Thanks to a captive audience and an enthusiastic fan community, the game has managed to hit between 2 and 3 million sales for the past three releases, and while last year's figures were slightly down, it's clear there's huge appetite for the series.

This year represents a great opportunity to push on past last year's sales and back to the 3m sales point of WWE 2K15 and 2K16, and they're already rolling out the big guns, with Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins' key roles already established. If they add a Collector's Edition focused on someone like The Undertaker, it's a licence to print money, especially as 2K have worked hard in the past few years to refine the gameplay experience. Let's hope that continues for this year too.

Fairly soon we'll know the roster and the additional game modes, but for now, even though the game is still several months off, the information around WWE 2K18 is really starting to come through...

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