WWE 2K18 Universe Mode: 6 Things You Need To Know

1. Greater Match Variety

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One of the great frustrations surrounding WWE 2K games is the engine's inability to feature more than six characters on screen at once. Fortunately, this has been increased by two in 2K18, and Universe players will have full access to new match stipulations like eight-man battle royals and four-on-four tag bouts.

Custom matches concocted in the game's Creation Suite can also be imported, and players have the complete freedom to book each card however they see fit, just like in previous versions.

2K have also taken steps to allow greater variety within the matches themselves. No longer will each Universe bout play out in the same, dull, 50/50 manner. Squashes are very much a thing in 2K18, and it's entirely possible that high powered wrestlers will "completely outclass and overwhelm their opponents from the very start."

This should only happen in situations where one wrestler's attributes are significantly higher than their opponent's, but it sounds like a smart addition. Squashes are an integral part of wrestling shows, but the 2K's simulation-first approach often renders them impossible within the game. There's no reason somebody like Enzo Amore should last longer than 2 minutes with Braun Strowman, and it sounds like this'll be finally be reflected.

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