WWE 2K18: What The Reviews Are Saying

Other games could learn a lot from 2K's creation suite...

WWE 2K18 AJ Styles
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If you've ever wanted to take AJ Styles, plonk him in the classic Monday Nitro arena and have him chase the WCW World Title, then you should be able to in WWE video games. That kind of freedom has been a feature of the series for a few years now, but 2K have upped the stakes for what is possible in 2K18. This year, customisation is king.

Reviews have been largely positive for WWE 2K18 thus far. Most critics have focused on the improvements rather than spending time dishing dirt on the negatives. 2K18 isn't the perfect game by any stretch of the imagination though, so you shouldn't be surprised if some reviews are peppered with disappointment. That doesn't mean the plus points aren't worth talking about.

So, is this year's game more of the same? Are 2K doomed to repeat the same mistakes as prior titles, or is 2K18 the best WWE video game to date? We know it looks good, but that might not be enough for some players craving an overhaul to the gameplay...

10. The Game Is As Beautiful As Hyped

WWE 2K18 Enzo Amore
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It does look damn good. From Enzo Amore's skin tone and tattoos to the brilliant way light splashes down on everyone during their entrance sequences, 2K18 is the best-looking pro wrestling game to date. Finally, 2K are making real progress with the graphics, even if they can't animate hair.

Let's not get into that though, because 2K18 is as beautiful as all that pre-release hype suggested. In motion, the game looks wonderful. These are the kind of graphics that would have made us giddy 13-year olds playing WWF SmackDown on PSOne for the first time. Kids these days are spoiled, aren't they? Good, because the inner child in all of us deserves it.

If 2K can crack hair mechanics next year, then everyone will be in for a real treat. For now, this is as good as it gets, and it's hard to criticise 2K's art department for producing such eye-catching work. No, 2K isn't perfect, but it looks like wrestling video game heaven.

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