WWE 2K18 Will Release On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans can finally enjoy 2K after a five-year absence.

Wwe 2k18 John Cena

WWE's forthcoming 2K18 video game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, developers have at last confirmed.

It will be the first time a WWE game has been made available on a Nintendo console since 2012's WWE '13, which was released on the Wii.

The announcement was made today in a YouTube video featuring Monday Night Raw's Seth Rollins, who is featured on the cover art.

We have also learned recently that the game will be the first of the 2K series - which was launched four years ago with 2K14 - not to be released on seventh generation consoles such as the PS3 and the 360.

That means only PS4, Xbox One and Switch users will be able to play 2K18, which is set for a worldwide release on 17 October, with a deluxe edition to be made available days before it officially hits the shelves.

In-game details are slowly being released in the meantime, with the title expected to include the largest roster of any WWE game to date - including, for the first time in a decade, Kurt Angle.

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