WWE 2K18 Wishlist: 11 Things It Must Include

How Yuke's can have a successful undertaking...

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WWE 2K17, the latest offering in the company's video game series, has been on shelves for almost three months, and it's slated to be released for PC in February. That means that not only has the game sold a ton of copies, but a bunch more are going to be in fans' hands soon.

It's not a surprise. While the game may not be perfect, there's enough programmed into the package that it's a truly immersive experience, one which can eat up hours of time. There's a career mode that lets you take a wrestler from NXT to the main roster, collecting titles and improving all the while. There's MyUniverse, where the user can control WWE as matchmaker and creative force. There a ton of match options, and a create-a-wrestler feature and download suite that lets you collect superstars from all around the globe.

It's a great game, but there's always a new one around the corner. In just a few months, we'll start hearing news about 2K18, and all of the improvements it'll bring over the current model - but which ones are the most crucial?

Here are 11 things that WWE 2K18 must include in order to really upgrade the overall user experience:

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