WWE 2K19: 10 Awesome Features That Must Return

Dropping an elbow from a helicopter. 'Nuff said.

WWE 2K19
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2K's decision to take WWE video games deeper into simulation territory hasn't really paid dividends, at least not for older players accustomed to the mayhem of prior titles in the series.

Things feel a tad bland. Universe Mode is a slog through endless matches that rewards players with a few short, uninspiring cut scenes, kicking out of pins is more of a chore than it is fun, and even Hell In A Cell matches have mimicked WWE's on screen product by lacking the same spark of excitement they used to boast.

How can this be solved then? One solution is sitting 2K down with copies of the older games (from 2000's WWF SmackDown on PS1 onwards) and asking them to cherry pick the very best features, both in terms of modes and gameplay, from each. Only then will they realise that hey, these games are supposed to be fun.

Don't get us wrong. 2K18 wasn't a bad game, but it's rather obvious that the developers could be doing so much more with the WWE brand. A history lesson is in order then, and revisiting the past to bring some old-school goodness up to date in 2K19 would make everyone happy...

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