WWE 2K19: 10 Biggest Changes 2K Must Make

10. An Ironed-Out End Product

WWE 2K18 Glitch
2K Games

2K aren't the only developer who release video games without painstakingly trawling through every line of code in search of bugs or play testing the product to death beforehand. It's become an industry-wide problem; studios publish games knowing they're either unfinished or fully aware they're glitchy messes.

At times, that's what 2K18 was, and it has to stop. It's not enough to patch things after the fact when it could potentially hurt the relationship between player and developer.

It's also not unreasonable for gamers paying upwards of £44.99 (or around $60 RRP in the States) to expect the product to be flawless, free of bugs and ready for them to enjoy without fear things will break down at any moment.

Nobody should have to stand for a tangled web of broken mechanics, graphical hitches or outright game crashes just because developers can release a downloadable solution later. If ironing out the product annually is too difficult for 2K, then they shouldn't release a WWE game every year.


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