WWE 2K19: 10 Biggest Innovations We Need To See

2K's game shouldn't feel outdated a few months after release...

WWE 2K19
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There's a very good chance that WWE 2K19 will be almost identical to WWE 2K18. Why wouldn't it be? People, for all the moaning about major updates, keep buying 2K's product, and that's telling them that little needs to change.

The truth is that 2K18 was a fine pro wrestling game. It wasn't a sweeping step forward like No Mercy on the N64 or a world-class effort like SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain on PS2, but it was a masterclass in presentation and did iron out some gameplay kinks from the previous year.

Any long time fan of the series would argue that minor tweaks and playing it safe aren't enough, and they're right.

There's so much more the developers could do with a WWE series. Some proposed changes are fairly trivial, though that doesn't make them any less important. WWE video games should be all about player enjoyment, and that should never be sacrificed in favour of simulation; 2K must remember that.

2K need to innovate, not stall. This, four years on from their PS4/Xbox One debut, is a chance to show they care about how much fun people have playing their games...

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