WWE 2K19: 10 Dream Tag Team Matches You Need To Have

9. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Vs. D.I.Y


Best friends, bitter enemies.

It's a phrase that's been used countless times in the wrestling industry (even as the tagline of the Evolution showcase in WWE 2K15), but few teams have been able to exemplify it as well as these two.

With both teams having had multiple intra-team matches, this is bound to be a classic. Pit the hardcore offence that made 'Steenerico' so successful against the high-flying exhibitions of the D.I.Y that we saw against the Authors Of Pain and The Revival, and you're bound to see a match like nothing before.

Imagine Johnny Gargano coming face to face with Sami Zayn, both underdogs revved up and ready to raise hell.

Of course, there's the minor issue of Tomasso Ciampa not being in the game, but there are plenty of CAWs that do more than justice to 'The Blackheart'.


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