WWE 2K19: 10 Leading Contenders To Be Cover Star

If Reigns wins, we riot...

WWE 2K19 AJ Styles

Last year, Seth Rollins described being WWE 2K18's cover star as an "honour". During the very same press conference, Rollins noted how proud he was to fly the flag for the current roster after years of legends like John Cena, The Rock and Steve Austin gracing those video game sleeves.

In 2018, it's someone else's turn to feel that pride.

2K appear to have changed tact in terms of which superstars they select for the cover. Choosing Seth was representative of that, so it's unlikely an ageing legend (like The Undertaker, for example) will get the nod this year. Nah, there's a greater chance it'll either be someone 'safe' who's still on TV regularly or another who appeals to hardcore wrestling fans around the globe.

Those fanatics buy 2K's product in droves each year, and it'd therefore make sense to appease the growing need to see WWE move away from relying on legends. WWE must start showing faith in the men and women who are leading them towards the future, not those from yesteryear...

10. The Miz

The Miz

We know what you're thinking here. The Miz is a heel, and there's surely no chance he'll be chosen to be on WWE 2K19's cover.

Why not? Miz is one of the best talkers in the industry, carries himself like a star at all times and has a marketable, movie-star look. He's also branching out in the mainstream with the Miz & Mrs reality TV show. There are loads of reasons why Miz, heel or not, would be a great cover star.

Assuming he's still Intercontinental Champion when the game comes out, WWE could use the cover slot as an excuse to promote the belt. That's something Miz deserves too. As IC Champ, he's been able to raise the stock of a previously meaningless title and make it relevant again.

Besides, just think of all those commercials about the game that Miz could film. "2K19 is Awesome", for example, would be a sweet tagline for the new game and pretty much writes itself.


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