WWE 2K19: 10 Moments Daniel Bryan's Showcase Must Include

10. Becoming United States Champ

Daniel Bryan United States Champion

Daniel Bryan's feud with The Miz is big news in WWE right now.

The pair are currently feuding on SmackDown, and they have significant history stretching all the way back to Daniel's debut. A quick recap of Bryan's introduction as Miz's "Rookie" on the original NXT show would be wise then, and so would following all that up with his first major singles title win at Night of Champions 2010.

There, Daniel toppled The Miz to become the new United States Champion. It was a sign of things to come, and it'd be a nice starting point for the Showcase. 2K might think about including Bryan's NXT match against Chris Jericho, but if not, then this is as good a place as any to begin.

In fact, that Y2J match should probably be in the mode if 2K are going the exhaustive route. Whilst fun though, it's not nearly as historically essential as seeing Bryan bag that first piece of gold on WWE pay-per-view against his nemesis.


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