WWE 2K19: 10 Playable Wrestlers Who WON’T Return

10. Brian Kendrick

WWE 2K18 Brian Kendrick
2K Games

Brian Kendrick has only recently returned from a serious orbital bone injury that kept him benched during WrestleMania season. He's an ageing veteran WWE can use as part of the Cruiserweight ranks on 205 Live, but that's about it these days. Come 2K19, the developers may want to replace Kendrick with someone new.

If they do, there can be no arguments.

Think of the names who didn't feature in 2K18. Some of those, including The Velveteen Dream, The Undisputed Era, Pete Dunne and others feel like they'd be much more lively choices than Kendrick. That's not a knock on him, it's just the way it is. Those younger stars deserve a chance, and there are only so many spots on the game's roster.

Nobody could blame 2K for phasing the veteran out (and his awesome leather jackets) in favour of someone fresh. That disc space is precious, you know.

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