WWE 2K19: 10 Potential Game Modes It Must Have

10. GM Mode

WWE 2K18 GM Mode
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Gamers will whine until the end of time before giving up on the cherished GM Mode.

The feature would have been perfect for 2K18; since splitting Raw and SmackDown into separate brands again, WWE have relied heavily on General Managers, so it's a little disappointing that 2K didn't bring back the idea of playing as one last year. 2K19 is their chance at redemption.

Assuming the role of Kurt Angle on Raw or Daniel Bryan on SmackDown is one thing, but 2K could easily include the option to play as authority figures of the past (we'll pop if Jack Tunney or Gorilla Monsoon make it in there) or have CAWs pull on a suit and deal with running the show.

Integrating GM Mode with the current Universe Mode wouldn't be too difficult for 2K either. That's effectively what Universe is: a stripped-down, less exciting version of GM.

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