WWE 2K19: 10 Potential Game Modes It Must Have

Time for The Undertaker to rewrite his retirement...

WWE 2K19
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Whilst there's no doubting the fact WWE 2K18 was an improvement over 2K17 in terms of graphics, the game still didn't provide enough modes to play around with. A revamped lighting engine isn't enough, 2K. Neither of your MyCareer or Universe modes were deep enough to reward players who spent hours on them, and that must change in 2K19.

It's not good enough to plonk down a few threadbare modes and expect long time series fans to be happy. 2K19 needs some of that Showcase magic. Even some Road To WrestleMania goodness would be nice at this point, but only if we're not getting a fully-fledged Story Mode or Showcase to sink our teeth into.

Though it's true 2K can't include every single mode gamers would love to see, they can surely think about including some of them. WWE video games are supposed to be a celebration of company history and complement what players watch every week, after all.

That stale feature set from 2K18 needs a little sprucing up...

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