WWE 2K19: 8 Things You Need To Know

Hulkamania is about to run wild for the first time since 2K15...

WWE 2K19

WWE's landscape has changed immeasurably since 2K15 hit store shelves in late-2014 as the first next-gen wrestling game.

Before you post 'Captain Obvious' awards off to WhatCulture offices for this here writer, please take a moment to consider who graces the cover of the upcoming 2K19. It's AJ Styles, the same man who nobody could have predicted when company poster boy John Cena was lavished across the box art four years ago.

That's not the only difference. Hulk Hogan, once WWE's elder statesman and the kind of retro kick once needed to convince older fans that the latest video game was worthy of their cash, has been caught up in a racism sh*tstorm. Now, he's back, and he's about to play second fiddle to AJ, Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey.

Everything is topsy-turvy, and it's exciting. What does this mean for 2K19 then? Aside from a new tidbits here and there, 2K have been remarkably quiet about their next WWE game. They're keeping things close to their chests for sure, but there are still some details you need to know.

They're all here, brother...

8. Special Editions Will Be Released Before The Standard One

WWE 2K19
2K Games

First and foremost, it's important to establish exactly which version of WWE 2K19 you'll be stumping up hard-earned cash for. The Standard edition is naturally the cheapest, but it doesn't come with any bonus content or the DLC season pass. You'll have to gun for the Deluxe or Collector's editions to get all that good stuff.

If forthcoming downloadables or "exclusive physical collectibles" (likely to be a limited edition WWE SuperCard) don't do it for you, then perhaps actually getting to play the game four days early will entice.

Although 2K19 will get a worldwide release on 9 October, the Deluxe and Collector's variants gift buyers early access. Those lucky folks will get to grips with the new game on 5 October. For those keeping score, that's a Friday, which means anyone happy to pay the extra money will have an entire weekend to dive into things before their mates.

This has become common practice with games, and it's a nice way for developers to tap into those hardcore fans who just can't wait. Playing earlier than most is also the biggest carrot 2K can dangle in front of gamers, even more so than collector cards or bonus content.

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