WWE 2K19 Early Reviews: 7 Things We Learned

7. The Controls Have Been Simplified

WWE 2K19
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According to Stuff magazine's initial review of early code, 2K19 is a lot easier to get to grips with for newbies. The controls have been simplified in some areas and tightened in others, and that should (in theory) make it more accessible for casual gamers who feel 2K18 hurled too many on screen button prompts at them.

There's apparently less time spent figuring out contextual attacks too.

For example, figuring out how to see cool spots like table breaks or grinding an opponent's face against the Hell In A Cell cage wall is a thing of the past. Hopefully, the reviewers mean there's a universal button for such things rather than separate prompts that take time to learn.

It's a good idea if 2K have decided to 'dumb down' the experience. They have to remember that young kids want to play too, and they should take a leaf out of EA's book when it comes to this sort of thing. Their one-button mode in FIFA makes that game more available to younger fans or those with limited motor skills.

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