WWE 2K20: 10 Biggest Fears Hardcore Fans Have

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WWE 2K20

According to the rumour mill, there's a fair chance 25,000 lucky devils will be crotch-chopping as they pop their limited D-Generation X edition of WWE 2K20 in for a spin. That, along with all the other rumours in that article, sounds promising, but they're all exactly that: they're rumours.

They're not confirmed by 2K, and the sheer lack of info coming out from the team in charge is responsible for some serious acid reflux right now. Series veterans are having sleepless nights and panic attacks over what the game could be like. There's an overwhelming fear that 2K20 will be 2K19 re-skinned rather than a bold new step in WWE video gaming evolution.

It can't be. Surely not. This is a chance for 2K to do what WWE failed to do on screen earlier this year and properly shake up their stale product. 2K19 had positives, but it wasn't that perfect game that'll be mentioned alongside No Mercy, Here Comes The Pain or the criminally underrated All-Stars in years to come.

2K20 drops in October, weeks before Halloween. In the spirit of that ghoulish holiday, here's every fear and nightmare WWE 2K fans are having pre-release...

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