WWE 2K20: 10 Most Wanted New Features

It's time for these games to Showcase something just a little different...

WWE 2K20

For every younger gamer who doesn't remember the glory days of No Mercy on N64 or SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain on PS2, it must be weird to hear crusty old-schoolers wax lyrical about their majesty. It'll be weirder still to listen as us old fogeys berate 2K's modern series and lament the methodical pace of gameplay.

They're right.

This isn't necessarily another one of those articles that starts with, "Once upon a time" and satisfies itself by taking an almighty sh*t on 2K's work. Whilst there are some elements of older games that'd work now (that cannot be denied, and some of them are here), the truth is that 2K19 was a fine pro wrestling title. It had bags of content, a nice mix of current stars and legends, and it brought back Showcase.

No, instead of dumping on 2K's series, this list focuses mainly on the positives and how the developers can enhance what they already have. As fun as that Daniel Bryan Showcase was, as wacky as MyCareer has become and as much creative freedom 2K throw at things, there's always room for more.

Back in my day...

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