Xbox 720: 10 Reasons It’ll Win Console War Over PS4

Xbox 720

With the news that Microsoft is going to unveil the Xbox 720 on May 21st, discussion over which company - Microsoft, Sony or even Nintendo - is going to win the console war has started to run rampant. We've already suggested why we think it's possible that the PS4 could win the fight for next-gen supremacy, but given that we've yet to see anything from Microsoft yet, it seems a tad unfair to call the fight before the behemoths have all squared off. In just a few short weeks, we'll have all the answers, when Microsoft lifts the curtain on their latest games console. Still, it's fun to play Devil's Advocate and speculate on just why they're going to blow Sony out of the water. Here are 10 reasons why Micoroft are destined to win the console war...

10. Their Main Competitor Has Failed

Wii U As mentioned in my prior article, the Wii U was expected to be a big player in the impending console war after Nintendo's astronomical success with the Wii in the previous generation. Though they easily won the last console war, stealing the lion's share of the market share, the Wii U has had a slow start, failing to connect with both hardcore and casual gamers, suffering from poor marketing, and most crucially, a punishing lack of games that people actually want to play. It's unlikely that the Wii U's de-evolved tech and poor word of mouth will be sufficiently resolved to put it back in the running; the console war is now very much a two-horse race, between Sony and Microsoft. This simply makes Microsoft's job easier; one giant has been felled, and now they can focus on dealing with their more direct competitor.
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