Xbox 720: 10 Reasons It’ll Win Console War Over PS4

9. Microsoft's Track Record

Xbox 360 You need only look at the seventh generation of gaming to see how well Microsoft are doing. By releasing around a year before the PS3, the 360 took a huge chunk of the market share it previously struggled to claw from Sony's grasp, and though still a little ways away from the Wii's dominance, it left the PS3 in the dust for a long time. It's only in the last year or so that Sony has managed to catch up to the 360. While Sony remains adamant that they won't make the same mistakes as last time, the track record is certainly in Microsoft's favour for again trumping Sony. Sure, they're going to have to step up as Sony will be bringing out their biggest guns, but one wouldn't expect Microsoft to be getting complacent at this stage anyway.
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