Xbox One: 10 Stupid Mistakes It's Already Made

XBoX One After nearly 8 years of Xbox 360 and 70+ million 360 consoles sold, every Xbox fan was looking forward to 21st May 2013, the day Microsoft revealed the new Xbox console. People around the world watched live footage as Don Mattrick came on stage, gave us a brief introduction and then the moment of truth. The moment we were all waiting for. Then it went downhill. The reveal didn't reveal much, and people found more to complain about than to praise. The backlash from critics and fans was fierce; even some PlayStation fans were complaining about it, and loyal Xbox fans were planning to defect to the enemies (Sony and Nintendo, just in case you didn't know). There were a variety of issues that irked us, and Microsoft pretty much went back on most of the decisions they made. They claimed they looked at the comments we made and acted accordingly; what they mean is they realised they were going to fall behind Sony, and had to win people back. They made mistakes, but they won't admit it. Here's a list of 10 mistakes that Microsoft has already made with the Xbox One. Click "Next" to start the list...
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