Xbox One: 5 Brilliant Uses Beyond Gaming

Here’s what Microsoft meant when they talked about an “all in one” experience.

Ryan Fanus


Xbox One Debacle

Not too long ago, Microsoft launched their personal vision for the future of gaming in the form of a brand new console that goes beyond and sets out to revolutionises the living room entirely. Yes, the Xbox One, Microsoft’s third and latest console, is one that can do more than run games, thanks to next generation hardware and a multimedia-oriented operating system.

However, some remain skeptical given the fact that the console almost became the opposite according to Microsoft’s earlier plan to implement restrictive DRM features. Although those plans have long been abandoned in favor of concerned consumers, many still felt that Microsoft had already crossed a line and would ultimately fail as a result.

Fast forward to present day and it’s clear that Microsoft have succeeded in providing an “all in one experience.” Call it what you want (Xbox 180, Xbox None, Skynet), but the Xbox One is exactly what Microsoft intended it to be all along, and it works. And to prove it, here is a rundown of the 5 best and most brilliant possibilities it allows consumers outside of its ability to play games…