When the Xbox One was first announced over a month ago it faced a lot of criticism from the gaming community. Yes it had several problems concerning with its connectivity and sharing capabilities, but to be fair many of the complains people had were overreactions from the same community.

Things didn’t change for the better during this year’s E3 when it was announced its price and after the video Sony made many people argued that this was the end for Microsoft and its console. However things made a huge turn for the best when it was announced that Microsoft took a step back on all the policies that made the Xbox one so unpopular.

After all those changes it appears that the future for Microsoft’s next console is a bit more uncertain now than when it was first announced. Some believe that despite all those changes it still will fail against its competitor, while others believe that now that it changed all those problems it has a bigger chance of success that before.

Taking into account the recent changes made to the console, as well as all the features and exclusives that this console will have I think it’s safe now to make a few predictions on what will happen with this console. Whether or not I’m right about them only time will tell, but for now let’s dive in.

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This article was first posted on July 8, 2013