Xbox One: 5 Reasons Not To Buy Into The Hype

4. Anti-Used Game Measures

XboxAccording to Wired, gamers on the Xbox One will have to install games from their Blu-Ray discs to the console's hard drive, permanently linking them to the user's Xbox Live account. If you want to give the game to a friend, they€™re going to have to pay to install the game. Everyone has been expecting console creators to come up with some way to combat used games in order to sway publishers and developers towards their platforms, but this revelation comes as a bit of a disappointment. The current price structure of gaming is one big reason used gaming is popular. Aside from infrequent mid-size game releases like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, gamers are torn between free to low price games (typically indies) and $50-$60+ blockbuster releases from major publishers. Between publishers cramming dozens of major games into the first and last quarters of the year and the high turnover of multiplayer communities, trading in and buying used games is the only way some gamers can keep up with or get a hold of games. Microsoft€™s anti-used game measures show that the hardware and publishing ends still don€™t understand the real problem behind used games, and their willingness to punish consumers for their mistakes.
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