Xbox One: 8 2018 Leaks & Rumors You Need To Know About

You had us at Fable 4.


Were it not for the Xbox One X's launch at the tail end of last year, Microsoft would be in an unenviably sticky situation right now.

Boasting ownership of the world's most powerful games console has cemented the platform's mid-generation upgrade as the go-to black box of choice for multi-platform games, but it's still missing a vital ingredient: exclusives.

But fear not, Xbox loyalists. If a recent list of leaks and rumours unleashed by a reliable whistleblower over the last few days are to be believed, Microsoft has heard the cries for more exclusive content, and then some.

Everything from here on out should be taken with an appropriately-sized pinch of salt, of course, but taking into account the leaker's past track record, don't be surprised, if, in six months time, many of the following suspicions become a reality.

No matter how outlandish the claims may seem, don't we all want to believe that The Coalition is working on a new Perfect Dark and that Fable 4 is already in the works under Forza Horizon developer Playground Games? Oh, and speaking of Forza, it looks like we're headed to glorious Nippon for this year's iteration of the fictional racing festival.

Buckle up, the rollercoaster ride starts here.

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