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Kinnect There may a heap of negative buzz and controversy surrounding the backtracked policies for the upcoming Xbox One, but no amount of deflation can detract away excitement from a physical first look at a new console. This week, Microsoft's Director of Programming Larry Hyrb (better known by his Gamertag, Major Nelson) was given the honors to unbox one of the first 20 systems waved through for retail. There is not much new information admittedly but you do get a glimpse of all the accessories, which include your usual things like a controller and power brick/cords, dreaded upgraded Kinnect, an HDMI cable, a higher quality headset, and your paperwork that will also include your ticket to unlocking the Day One achievement. The controller is also stylized and branded as Day One. Features on the actual jet black behemoth itself are all logically designed. Your Blu-Ray drive is in front, your various cable slots are in back, and your controller synchronization button is on the side. Major Nelson then ends the video by showcasing the power button which is a touch sensitive Xbox logo brandished on the front. All in all, it is packaged nicely with some neat accessories. Are you getting an Xbox One? Let us know below, and click next to reveal the 10 XBox One games you must consider before buying the console...
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