Xbox One X: 10 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

The world's most powerful console...for a price.

Xbox One X

It's certainly been a long time coming, but the world's most powerful games console is finally here. The Xbox One X is now available the world over, and over the last few days critics have been drip-feeding their in-progress impressions of the unit.

It's safe to say that the console is a major coup for Microsoft in many ways, and though far from a perfect 4K gaming device, will be an undeniably irresistible temptation to those wanting to get involved with cutting edge gaming without requiring a PC.

Though the console itself performs well technically, the ultimate gauge of the One X's success won't be realised for a while, as it depends entirely upon how Microsoft rebounds next year after a rather lackluster 2017, at least as far as meaty exclusives are concerned.

The One X certainly proves they've got the technical horsepower to drop some AAA megaton reveals at E3, so hopefully they'll take full advantage. Right now, though, nobody could blame you for holding off on buying Microsoft's shiny new device, because it clearly has plenty left to prove...

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Xbox One X
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