Xbox One X: 9 Enhanced Games That Make It Worth Buying

9. The Elder Scrolls Online


Xbox One X enhancements: 4K, HDR

MMOs have always gotten a free pass on the visuals front, but it's only fair.

After all, given their multi-faceted nature and more massive scope than, say, triple-A shooter #4, additional leeway is to be expected, but that doesn't mean developers don't at least try not to offend your eyeballs.

Square and Bethesda's Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online respectively, are two of the prettier examples, but on the bog standard Xbox One, the latter can look quite ropey.

It's thanks to that disparity that ESO's One X renovations appear more extensive than any other title present, but Bethesda's showcase (see below) only tells half the story. Every facet of Tamriel, from bustling city-states to monster-infested wilds and the curio-packed countryside that houses them, have been brought up to match the level of quality previously exclusive to the PC version.

If foibles of the skin-deep kind were the only barrier between you and countless hours of massively multiplayer entertainment, then ESO's story-rich world is the One X system-seller for you.

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