Xbox One X: 9 Enhanced Games That Make It Worth Buying

8. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War


Xbox One X enhancements: 4K, HDR

Without the added benefit of 60 fps, it may be, but Shadow of War's transition from Xbox One to its mid-generation upgrade still justifies the latter's price point on its own merit. In case the pattern wasn't obvious by now, Monolith's love letter to all things Tolkien, as a multi-platform title, offers the same sort of visual and performance upgrades as the PS4 Pro, but in a more impressive manner.

Mordor's not exactly known for its vibrant colour palette, so the One X's use of HDR can only go so far, but what Talion's crusade against Sauron lacks in versatile use of the colour spectrum is more than made up for with mega sharp textures and Crystal-clear clarity, even at long ranges.

For Tolkien fanatics expecting the very best video game interpretation of the author's fantasy-filled universe, Shadow of War on Microsoft's powerhouse delivers.

Now you can savour every grimace and fear-fuelled wince on Sauron's green-skinned forces as they're subjugated and turned into mind slaves, one by one. Lovely.

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