Xbox One X: 9 Ways Microsoft Can Avoid A Total Failure

1. Improvements For The Entire Backlog


The Xbox One X is a supremely powerful machine, but it would be a waste if the console was only useful in enhancing upcoming games rather than titles players already own.

Sure, Microsoft have already announced that major first-party releases on the One will be receiving enhanced updates come launch day, but this dedication to improving performance all around should also extend to lesser known releases and classic 360 titles.

The company's whole shtick at the moment is about unifying players across previous console generations, and to reinforce this message it would be a good idea to double down on showing their ongoing support of their back catalogue.

Plus, at the very least it would be great to play updated versions of classic games on new hardware. They don't have to look radically different, but improved performance and upscaled resolutions would do wonders for keeping old games relevant today.

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