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E3 2018: 10 Ups & 5 Downs From Microsoft's Conference

Microsoft's best show in years?
By Jack Pooley

E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Microsoft's Conference

Can Microsoft redeem itself?
By George Foster

7 Main Take-Aways About Anthem From EA's E3 Conference

We've just seen a lot about Anthem - here are some of the main points of interest.
By Tom Bedford

E3 2018: 6 Ups & 6 Downs From EA's Conference

Anthem still fails to convince.
By Jack Pooley
+ Sport

FIFA 19: 10 Fan Demands EA Sports Must Include

Street footy. 'Nuff said.
By Jamie Kennedy

7 Censored Video Games That Went Way Too Far

Buckle up, this'll be a bumpy ride.
By Will Earl

Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything We Know About Red Dead Online

Think GTA Online, but y'know, with horses and dynamite.
By Ewan Paterson

10 Reasons PS Vita Is Easily Better Than Nintendo Switch

It's not even close.
By Scott Tailford

E3 2018: 10 Leaked Sequels That Must Come True

*Splinter Cell night vision noise*
By Ewan Paterson

10 Pointless Video Game Mechanics Nobody Used

Yeah, we all played Skyrim to chop wood...
By Adam Hogg

10 Dreaded Enemies That Every Gamer Avoids

Just run.
By Adam Hogg

E3 2018: 6 Major Improvements Each Company Must Make

Come on Microsoft... you have something... somewhere, right?
By Thor Magnusson

E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Square Enix's Conference

Will we see Final Fantasy VII again?
By George Foster

10 More Pointless Video Game Details That Will Blow Your Mind

Dogs mourning their owners in Watch Dogs 2 will have you in tears.
By Josh Brown

E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Sony's Conference

There's never this much rumour-smoke without fire...
By George Foster

10 Most Disgustingly Grotesque Video Game Bosses

Three words: Spider. Infested. Vagina.
By Adam Hogg

E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Bethesda's Conference

Can Bethesda repeat the greatness of 2016?
By George Foster

GTA 6: 8 Rumours We Hope Aren’t True

It would be criminal if these turned out to be accurate.
By Mark Langshaw

7 More Hidden Video Game Design Secrets That Are Total Genius

Are you playing Uncharted, or is Uncharted playing you?
By Scott Tailford

E3 2018: 15 Last Minute Rumours You Need To Know

From the insane to the weirdly believable.
By Jack Pooley

10 Video Games You Didn’t Realise Gave Away Their Major Twists

The answers were there all along.
By Brandon Jacobs

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Every Detail You Need To Know

Dialogue options, naval combat AND a release date.
By Josh Brown

E3 2018: 10 Most Believable Rumours (That Won't Happen)

Don't expect to see Starfield now that Fallout 76 has been announced.
By Josh Brown
+ Comics

The Best Batman Game No One Played

Before Arkham, there was Vengeance.
By Ewan Paterson

Devil May Cry 5: 8 Leaked Details You Need To Know

A return to form if ever there was one.
By Scott Tailford
+ Sport

LeBron James Revealed As NBA 2K19's Cover Star

The Cavs star is "humbled" to be featured on the game's 20th Anniversary Edition.
By Jamie Kennedy

Vampyr Review - A Game Millions Will WANT To Love

The ultimate vampire game... so why is it so boring?
By Scott Tailford

E3 2018: 11 HUGE Video Game Leaks You're Not Supposed To Know

This is going to be the most talked about E3 of all time.
By Scott Tailford

E3 2018: 13 Insane Announcements That Could Actually Happen

These shockers just might happen.
By Jack Pooley

14 'Genius' Video Game Features That Were Total Accidents

You won't believe where GTA's Wanted Level came from.
By Scott Tailford