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Pokémon Quiz: Who's That Pokémon? quiz

Can you identify these Generation 1 Pokémon?
By Kurt Howes

GTA 6: 8 Current Gaming Trends Rockstar Must AVOID

"Games as a servic-" *dies*
By Scott Tailford

8 News Stories That Prove Gaming Has Already Changed Forever

Is the age of exclusives over?
By Josh Brown

One Piece: World Seeker Review

A few missing pieces in an otherwise solid game.
By Jules Gill

Pokémon Or Prescription Medicine? User quiz

Do you know your Pikachu from your Prozac?
By Jordy McKen

Is Google Stadia The Future Of Gaming?

The Netflix of video games is finally on its way.
By Josh Brown

Anthem: 10 MASSIVE Fan Complaints Bioware Can't Ignore

2019's biggest disappointment continues to spiral.
By Curtis Dillon

14 Simple Things That Could Ruin The Biggest Upcoming Video Games

Are gamers growing tired of open worlds?
By Jack Pooley

8 Video Games That Prove The Industry Has Learned Nothing

We're in an era where the second best-selling game of the year is a "financial disappointment."
By Josh Brown

Are Disney Gearing Up To Make Their Own Star Wars Games?

EA's empire could be coming to an end.
By Josh Brown

Madden 20: 7 Rumours You Need To Know

Kiss Longshot's Hollywood story goodbye, because there could be a new show in town...
By Jamie Kennedy

The Division 2 Review: 10 Ups & 4 Downs

A (mostly) terrific sequel.
By Jack Pooley

How Well Do You Know Final Fantasy IX? quiz

How well do you remember one of the greatest RPGs of all time?
By Jacques Martin

Quiz: Can You Match These Maps To The Correct Video Game? quiz

We spend so much time on these maps, but how many can you really remember?
By Curtis Dillon

How Well Do You Know Batman: The Telltale Series? quiz

Relive Batman's Telltale debut.
By Jacques Martin

10 Incredible Open-Worlds WASTED On Disappointing Video Games

All style and no substance.
By Josh Brown

Resident Evil Remake Has Always Secretly Been The Best Resident Evil Game

The original was iconic, but Capcom knew they could do better.
By Josh Brown

WWE 2K20: 10 Tiny Details 2K Must Add

Picture-perfect CAWs need that picture-perfect entrance music, brother...
By Jamie Kennedy

Fallout Quiz: Can You Match These Drinks To Their Games? quiz

How well do you remember the wasteland's finest beverages?
By Jacques Martin

Xbox Scarlett: Every Major Rumour & Leak You Need To Know

Microsoft gambles big on the future of Xbox.
By Jack Pooley