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Win Injustice 2 For PS4 And An Injustice 2 Prize Set

We have three bundles to give away.
By Simon Gallagher

14 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2017 (So Far)

The games you really wanted to love.
By Jack Pooley

Gigantic Review - A Supersized Twist On A Phenomenal Genre

Motiga have delivered a stunning third-person shooter/MOBA hybrid.
By Scott Tailford
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10 Potential Superhero Video Games (And Who Should Make Them)

Hellboy by From Software? Blade by Platinum? TMNT By Rocksteady?
By Ewan Paterson

WWE 2K18: 10 Biggest Innovations We Need To See

Anyone else want the freedom to give AJ Styles a haircut?
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Times Video Game Developers Totally Destroyed Their Own Creations

Bad press doesn't just come from critics, you know...
By Gareth Cartwright

10 Jaw-Dropping Action Scenes That Defined Their Video Games

Hordes of zombies, angry gods, and runaway trains amok.
By Brandon Jacobs

WWE 2K18 Will Release On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans can finally enjoy 2K after a five-year absence.
By David Cambridge

WWE 2K18: Predicting The 25 Highest Rated Superstars

The go-to guys and gals in WWE's virtual ring...
By Ross Tweddell
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FIFA 18 Career Mode: 10 Wonderkids You Will Need To Sign

Unearthing the next Messi or Ronaldo need not be a chore.
By Andrew Murray

WWE 2K18: 7 New Features You Need To Know

Brace yourselves, because those graphics are getting a much-needed upgrade...
By Jamie Kennedy

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WWE 2K18: Details On Several New Features Revealed

2K Games shed light on MyCAREER, the Creation Suite, and a brand new game mode.
By Andrew Murray

10 Simple Questions That Break Famous Video Game Stories In Half

The most glaring plot holes in otherwise solid stories.
By Gareth Cartwright

Kurt Angle Revealed As WWE 2K18's Pre-Order Bonus

It's true, it's damn true...
By Jamie Kennedy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Reviews: 10 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Crash's glorious return home.
By Jack Pooley

WWE 2K18 Behind The Scenes Trailer Released

A closer look at the upcoming game's dramatic reveal.
By Andrew Murray

10 Video Games That Are Already In The Running For Game Of The Year 2017

You should play these games as soon as you can.
By John Gold

E3 2017 Report: Security Guards Stole Exhibitor Equipment, More Robberies Reported

The person didn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation from the ESA.
By John Gold

Titanfall 2 On Xbox One X Can Run Above 4K Resolution

The Xbox One X is one powerful beast, and this helps prove that.
By John Gold

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Finally Confirmed For Standalone Release

Finally! No need to buy Infinite Warfare just to play it.
By John Gold