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10 Most Horrific Cannibal Killers Of All Time

Hannibal Lecter has nothing on these guys.

27 Jun 2015 Lee Price

Tim Ockenden/PA Archive

10 Mind-Blowing Feats Performed By Gurkhas

Incredible acts of bravery by the infamous Nepalese fighters.

26 Jun 2015 Lee Price

Wikipedia Commons

10 Outrageous Ways Women Have Suffered To Be Beautiful

How far would you go to be the fairest of them all?

19 Jun 2015 M.L Gabriel


10 Unusual Facts You Didn’t Know About The Tay Bridge Disaster

A collection of lesser known facts about Britain's most infamous bridge.

16 Jun 2015 Tom Mankin


10 Insane Plans You Won't Believe The Military Tried

How did they not catch on?

14 Jun 2015 Tom Baker

Fox Searchlight Pictures

10 Regular People Who Declared Themselves Royalty

From the Last King Of Scotland to the First King Of Sealand...

11 Jun 2015 Tom Baker


8 Historical Figures Who Were Worse Than Hitler

When playing the Hitler Card just won't do.

11 Jun 2015 Freddie Rochez

15 Real Life Heroes Who Have Changed The World

They are definitely super human.

4 Jun 2015 Sara Weir

Igor Witkowski

10 Top Secret Weapons You've Never Heard Of

The army's barmy babies: ten bizarre military projects, past, present and future.

1 Jun 2015 Ben Cooke

Columbia Pictures

10 Unexplained Paranormal Events That Changed History

So Battle: Los Angeles actually happened...

30 May 2015 Tom Baker


10 Infamously Chilling Deaths And Disappearences

The bizarre cases of those gone but not forgotten...

25 May 2015 Robert Beck


10 Strange Folklore Myths You Won't Believe

"So if I file my teeth down, it will make me invisible to evil spirits? Yeah, okay then."

12 May 2015 Sara Weir


10 Real-Life Archaeologists More Badass Than Indiana Jones

They have the hat, the gumption, the Nazi-punching...plus they're actually real.

11 May 2015 Tom Baker


18 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Nelson Mandela

An actor, a type of nuclear particle and a liberator - is there anything Mandela couldn't do?

23 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

William Shakespeare Birthday

12 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About William Shakespeare

Happy Birthday Bill (maybe!)

23 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

Abraham Lincoln Two Faced

12 Most-Impressive Retorts In History

"Tomorrow I'll still be sober, and you'll still be disgustingly ugly" - BURN!

22 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh


18 Mind-Blowing Facts About Saddam Hussein

It's not everyday someone has a copy of the Qur'an written in their own blood...

20 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

Sang Tan/AP

20 Iconic British World War II Propaganda Posters

"Careless talk costs lives"

17 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

Wikipedia/ServiceDepicted, Air Force

10 Most-Terrifying Space Weapons

Nowhere is safe - not even space!

17 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh