10 Creepy Stories About Real Life Executioners

1. John Price

By unknown [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

John Price was an English hangman in the late 17th and early 18th century. Despite working as an executioner in the justice system, he constantly got on the wrong side of the law. For him, even executing criminals himself wasn’t enough to put him off a life of crime.

His life of crime caught up with him in 1715, when after hanging three men he was arrested for the debt he had built up. The money he had made executing that day helped him get off, but soon enough his financial problems caught up with him again and he ended up in prison. After a few months, he escaped with an accomplice after digging a tunnel through the prison wall.

He still didn’t learn his lesson once out of the slammer. In 1718, he murdered a man and attacked a woman who later died of her injuries. For his crime, he received the death penalty. From executioner, to criminal, to murderer, to being on death row himself – it seems John Price couldn’t keep himself away from capital punishment.

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