10 Incredible Ways People Faced Up To Their Own Death

1. Gurmukh Singh (1897)... Was Immortalised By His Enemy After Valiantly Killing 20 Men Before Perishing At Saragarhi

Battle of Saragarhi

While serving in the Sikh regiment in the British Army in 1897, Gurmukh effectively laughed in the face of death and confronted it head on at the Battle of Saragarhi.

Stranded with 20 of his fellow soldiers and surrounded by a huge Afghan force in northern India, Singh found himself outnumbered by 500 to one. Having picked off many Afghans with simply a bog-standard rifle, Singh's time appeared numbered once his fellow soldiers were killed.

Frustrated and determined not to be captured, Singh jumped out of the tower he was shooting from - which had been set on fire by the Afghanis - and yelled the famous Sikh battle cry of "Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal" ("whoever utters shall be fulfilled, eternal of the Holy Timeless Lord").

Facing an inevitable death, Singh ran through head-first into the Afghan forces and killed as many as 20 men before he was eventually shot and mortally wounded. So impressive was Singh's stand that it was actually the Afghans who recorded his heroic final moments for everyone to hear about.

Gaining the respect of your enemies in death is certainly no mean feat, that's for sure.

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