10 Insane Plans You Won't Believe The Military Tried

How did they not catch on?

All's fair in love and war. And considering the amount of bizarre bedroom tips that come up in the likes of Cosmo, it's perhaps not surprising that some equally ill-advised ideas have been brought up in war rooms and military R&D divisions throughout the long history of people killing each other. Most of which are less lethal than lady's mag sex advice.

For the most part, wars are thought by horrendously ill-equipped young individuals who have to make do with shoddy armour, guns that jam, and an enemy combatant who won't give them much leeway with regards to either. But there's always been another side to battle, the brainiacs who are holed up in labs thinking of new ways to kill people. Or else to incapacitate them, or deliver the architect of their demise to them with greater ease, or else distract the enemy forces by having them realise quite how much they love each other.

On all sides of historic conflicts, great powers have come up with some truly mystifying military strategies, plans, weapons and schemes. Hopefully the next instalment of Call Of Duty will at least consider integrating either Navy Dolphins, bombs stuffed full of bats (which have bombs tied to their legs), the ability so steal toilet paper, or one of the other ten insane plans you won't believe the military actually tried.

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