10 More Famous Photographs That Fooled Everyone

8. Angolan Witch Spider

Hoax Spider

Artist, photographer and musician Paul Santa Maria can probably add 'internet trolling genius' to his list of achievements. In 2011, Paul snapped a quick photo of a large wolf spider outside his home in Florida. After messing around with the spider's size on his computer, he transformed the arachnid from scary to terrifying.

He then uploaded the photo to Facebook, and sat back to watch the world burn. Just kidding, Paul only intended to make people laugh with the caption, "Sure You Want To Move To Florida?". Soon, the image went viral and stories started to crop up about a new spider called the 'Angolan Witch Spider'. Hilariously, reports said this new breed had moved to Florida to eat dogs and cats, and it took several gunshots to kill it.

Relax, Fallout 4 hadn't come to real-life. Thanks for the heart attacks though, Paul.

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